About Puredrop

Since I was young, I have experienced bad acne and skin trouble and it stressed me out. I tried a lot of different products to get rid of these skin troubles and spent a lot of money on skincare clinic. I couldn’t get rid of skin troubles, but I knew that daily routine is very important. One day I read a article about shower water. It says shower water contains chlorine and lime which leads to the skin trouble and it may lead to atopy. After I search and discover about shower filters I decided to make a brand, add new ingredient to the shower filter which is Vitamin C that helps skin care and share my experience with others.

I consider Vitamin shower filter as a skincare and hair care product that everyone needs to use for their skin and hair.
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Here, at Puredrop, we handcraft products that feel, look and smell amazing.
Every Bath Bomb, Face mask and much more has been handcrafted, hand-pressed in small batches and has highest quality you can imagine. 
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