Vitamin Shower filter - All in one benefits

Vitamin C is potent antioxidant, which slows down aging, fights against declining skin elasticity and formation of freckles, and aids maintenance of healthy, resilient hair. It also helps to ameliorate various conditions of eczema, such as atopy and seborrheic dermatitis by strengthening skin barrer.
Powdered milk helps to improve skin tone by gently removing dead skin cells. It also helps effectively maintain moisture and oil balance in skin.
In order to remove microorganisms such as bacteria, from tap water, strong chemical namely chlorine, is used. Residual chlorine is easily absorbed by the body through respiratory system and skin. Using unfiltered tap water may cause skin problems as well as stiff and/or thinning hair, which may ultimately lead to hair loss.
From blending to choosing the right intensity, fragrances used for Pure Drop shower filter go though exhaustive sampling and testing in order to ensure optimal shower experience. The added scent help you relieve tension and uplift mood.